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Tele-Neurology Consultation is a crucial and beneficial platform of today’s Neurological Practices. Both the care receivers and the Care-providers — Neurology practitioner — are benefiting from the speed, convenience, and ease of this innovative Technology. Modern diagnoses, treatment plans, and follow-up care are non-seperable part of Tele-Consultation.

Tele-Neurology may be a Viable and sustainable option for many of these patients who are living with Mobility issues.

The Future

The Scope of Tele-Neurology is expanding rapidly and its Flexibility, Affordability, and Impactfull effects benefit all. Expense of travel and transportation difficulties created by Neurologic illness and transport system itself prevent access to care points. Diseases and sickness related difficulties may include physical difficulty with travel (e.g., patients with Stroke, Motor neuron Disease, neuropathy, or Parkinson’s disease who have mobility problems)

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