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Rewire Your Brain, Liberate from 'Free' Addiction"

The word "Free" can augment the release of Dopamine, happy Hormone, in the brain, a neurotransmitter connected with pleasure, reward, and motivation. The anticipation of receiving something Free creates a pleasurable sensation, enhancing the behavior of pursuing the offer.

The word "Free" creates a perception of value without the need for monetary exchange. This sense of value can be addictive, forcing individuals to seek out Free offers and services [any Service] to maximize their gratifications.

This short-term & immediate reward linked with "Free" items or services can lead to impulsive decision-making. People often prioritize short-term gratification over long-term & lasting detrimental Consequences, contributing to addictive behaviors. Repetitive engagement and exposure to the word "Free" in digital contexts can lead to habit formation. Individuals might become used to seeking out Freebies as a regular part of their off-line & online interactions.

Maintaining Professional Boundaries in Doctor-Patient Relationships is our Responsibility

You may be, almost always, special in your parents' eyes, but your Doctor is Ethically, Morally, & Professionally obligated to be Unbiased in their Judgment & Care. Do not ask for Free Services, extra time, more access, or advocacy. Please remain Respectful of the Doctor-Patient boundaries. You can bring a plate of fruits if you are so inclined, but you should not expect them to reciprocate with extra medical care. It’s not Professional & it may harm the relationship.

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Our health, the Priceless asset, is more precious than money. Health has been Underestimated, Underrated, and Undervalued asset.

Connecting Neurologist

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Connecting Neurologist

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