Understanding Alzheimer's Disease(Alz)

Understanding Alzheimer's Disease(Alz)

Alz disease is a type of dementia that affects memory, thinking, and behavior. It is a common condition, particularly in older adults -65 years & more-, and is more common in women and certain racial and ethnic groups. Alz disease is a progressive neurodegerative disease that worsens over time, and there is currently no cure. However, there are treatments that can help manage symptoms and improve quality of life.

The exact causes of Alz disease are not fully understood / explored, but there are known risk factors such as age, family history, genetics, and lifestyle factors like poor unhealthy diet and lack of exercise. The disease affects the brain by causing the death of brain cells and the formation of abnormal protein deposits called plaques and tangles.

The symptoms of Alz disease can vary from individual to individual, but typically involve a gradual decline in memory, thinking, and behavior. Early signs may include forgetting working memories / recent events, misplacing items, and having difficulty with problem-solving or planning. As the disease progresses, individuals may experience personality changes, difficulty with communication, and difficulty with activities of daily living(ADLs).

Diagnosis of Alz disease typically involves a comprehensive evaluation of medical history, physical examination, cognitive tests, and imaging studies. Although currently no cure for Alz disease, treatments available that can help manage symptoms and slow the progression of the disease. These treatments may include medications, lifestyle changes, and supportive care.

Managing Alz disease can be challenging for both individuals with the disease and their caregivers. It is important for individuals and families to seek support and resources to help manage the disease and maintain quality of life. This may include support groups, respite care, and assistance with activities of daily living.

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Understanding Alzheimer's Disease- Beyond the Boundary

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